Where did I go?

Published: 25.07.2014.

I know I've been gone for a while. Judging by all the messages I received, you haven't forgotten me, and I haven't forgotten you either!

My fiancée Martina (who also writes for this blog) and I have temporarily transitioned to the other side – we've become a bride and a groom ourselves! A week ago we took over the roles of those whose journeys we've been carefully documenting for a long time and got married in Split!

You can see our “wedding ring cushion” which is actually a beautiful book, very important and special to us, and it gives you a glimpse of what the wedding theme was! We’ll be, of course, writing about it a bit more, just give us some time to catch our breath and get back to our usual routine.

P.S. Our dear clients, thank you for being so nice, amazing and full of understanding without questions asked… Your weddings are back on my desktop!