Wedding stories in black and white

Published: 28.06.2013.

Black and white photography exists ever since the camera and photography came into being. While back then, at the beginning of 19th century, all the photos were simply black and white due to lack of alternative, today’s photos, after having been altered digitally, become black and white for a reason. This is particularly seen in documentary photography which I do, too.

This is exactly the style of photography, evident in black and white photos, to which my clients react almost always the same, saying that such photos can be looked at actively, that they can see a story in them and that such photos really give a life to their wedding day. It’s very simple and almost all professional photographers know this: the color is removed from a photo that tells a story or depicts an unrepeatable moment, because it is an element that partly draws attention away from emotions, facial gestures or movements. In this way, the effect of what the photo depicts becomes even more accentuated.

As an advocate of documentary photography, I can hardly resist the black-and-white world. Here I am presenting you a brief outline of a wedding depicted only in two colors and in a few of their shades. Hopefully, the images will speak for themselves!