In love with people's emotions

Published: 01.12.2013.

Emotions are what I do best and what I capture the most often on weddings. Emotions are something that keeps photos alive and gives them a storytelling feel. I believe that, after many weddings, photographers can become a sort of psychologists who are able to sense the moment that is yet to happen. That's something that can really help produce great shots!
Over the past years, I captured many emotional situations at weddings, and I'd like to share with you a few special ones that had a great background story and that I'll remember for a long time...

This dad was waiting in line to congratulate his son on his wedding. He looked serious and really tough, but when he approached his son, he just crushed and started crying. Seeing that moment, even I struggled to keep my camera still...


This man really participated in the wedding. Everybody was around him all the time and the atmosphere was really special. At one point he moved away from crowd and he got a very thoughtful look. Wondering what he was thinking about, I took a picture of him with a cheerful crowd behind him.


This was the first dance of the newlyweds with their special song; a beautiful connection between them was obvious... In one moment the groom whispered something to his wife and kissed her on the neck. I hope they still remember what he whispered...


The bride wanted me to take a photo of her and her bridesmaids, so they stood next to each other for me to take the photo. Then one of them told a joke and they started laughing, they couldn't stop at all. Now they have ten photos of them laughing and enjoying instead of a serious portrait photo.


The groom had arrived to the bride's home to take her to the ceremony. When she saw him for the first time that day, she became overwhelmed with emotions. After this she kept on hugging him behind the closed door.