How we met: Marina & Ante

Published: 22.10.2014.

Doing this job, I often have the opportunity to be a part of my friends' wedding, not as a guest, but as their photographer. Marina and Ante were one of those couples who had to make a difficult decision – should they invite me as a part of the wedding party, or do they want me there as their wedding photographer because they love my photos. I made their decision easier by offering myself to shoot their small wedding in Split this summer. I prefer taking photos over dancing all night anyway.
I know them both since college days because we’ve shared accommodation in the student dorm. They met in the dorm, but I never knew exactly how.

“It was very simple”, Ante said. “Sometime in 2004 I would now and then sit in the study hall and, well... study. I was there that day, trying to concentrate on my textbook, and the cutest girl just kept walking in and out, later on I joked that she flaunted in front of me. That same year was the time that first mobile phones with cameras appeared on the market, and everybody would always shoot something or someone. So I took my old Nokia 3310 and started “filming” the room while she was going in and out. At one point she saw me and hid her face with her hand. I laughed out loud and said: “This old junk doesn’t have a camera…” She laughed back and the rest is history.”

Ten years later and here comes their wedding day! You can see their 'first look' moment in the photos below. Their wedding reception was at Gusar, a restaurant in Split just across the street from the very dorm they met at. Marina and Ante, I wish you have fun and enjoy with each other for the next 10 times 10 years ahead of you.