Hello world!

Published: 11.03.2013.

Hey guys! So awesome that I'm to finally trying to start this page in my career. I've been doing weddings for the last five years, working as a wedding photojournalist in Croatia. I'm an average guy with exceptional love for photography, I live with my girlfriend, I love good music, I hate being late, and I can't live without my camera.

Photojournalism in general is my love and passion, so whenever I take my camera, whether it is for a wedding or just on a lazy afternoon, it has to be spontaneous, it has to be a moment frozen in time, and it's always a challenge for me, no matter if it is a basic everyday situation or some huge event (not that I've photographed one :D ).

When I don't take wedding photos, I buy plane tickets for the farthest place I can get to, so I can explore different countries, cultures and lives. All of this with my camera again, of course. So, besides weddings, I'll be happy to share with you my pictures of the world.

I live in Split, a city on the Adriatic coast with a 1700-years-old culture, in the beautiful country of Croatia. Many times so far I had an honor to photograph weddings of couples from all around the world who chose to get married in Croatia, and I had a wonderful time. I'll continue to do that, only now I'd like to try and get to know the world from a wedding photographer's perspective as well. I'm sure it will be breathtaking. Wish me luck!