My first Fearless Award in Collection 17!

Two months after I became a member of Fearless Photographers and in the first collection that I’ve sent my photos for, I won my first Fearless Award! I’m so happy to receive it, especially cause the whole of the collection is so stunning and unbelievable!

A conference to remember (or how to become FEARLESS photographer)

After being inspired by Amsterdam and after I’d taken many photos, it was time to get inspiration from my colleagues: the best wedding photographers in the world! These two days were enough to make me feel at home and like I’ve known those people around me my whole life.

Thank you Fearless Photographers!

Only a day after I became a member of “Fearless Photographers”, the prestigious directory of the world's best wedding photographers, the editor of the Fearless Blog sent me an email asking me to write an article with some of my photos and to answer a few questions about my work.

How clients can contribute in getting high-quality photos of wedding

Since photographers are the experienced ones, who witnessed a lot at weddings and who are inspired by all kinds of wedding situations, we can list a few points that could help couples get even better wedding photos. I know how I will ensure getting high-quality photos, however, there’s also a part of the process where you can contribute and in that way, obtain better photos that you’ll like even more!

Hey, thanks for visiting! I'm Nikola, a photographer from Croatia, and THIS is how I do wedding photography

Wedding photography is something that should probably be given a lot of attention when making reservations and choices for a wedding. Of course, every element of that day is very significant and it’s important that each is at its best – music, wedding dress, food, setting... However, a bride and a groom don’t choose a wedding photographer to do something only for that one day, the photographer documents all those moments for clients to have them captured for the rest of their lives.