Waking up from hibernation

So with my photography at kind of a new start, I feel thankful and happy, determined to see the happiness and the beauty in the smallest things, just like this little enthusiast at our last wedding - she dared to be happy, spontaneous and outgiving even though she wasn't even a guest at the wedding!

2016: a year of traveling and learning

Since 8 months of our 2016 looked like one giant continuos wedding day with so many incredible moments, people and places, Martina went a bit creative (and crazy if you ask me) in November and made a little presentation of our year 2016 combining different photos from our 2016 weddings in a single wedding story, on our studio's Facebook page. People loved it so much that we decided we’d put a bit expanded version as our year review.

I can't live without my wedding ring!

I’ve never worn any kind of jewellery at all so it was sort of painful to imagine having a ring on my finger. Luckily, my wife’s not into jewellery either and we’re both so not into shiny sparkling things in general, still we wanted to have some wedding rings, so she had a mission of finding alternative ones.

Our lovely little wedding

Our wedding day was three weeks ago and it was exactly as we had envisioned and wanted it to be, with a few unplanned additions which made it even more special...

Where did I go?

My fiancée Martina and I have temporarily transitioned to the other side – we've become a bride and a groom ourselves! A week ago we took over the roles of those whose journeys we've been carefully documenting for a long time.

Hello world!

Photojournalism in general is my love and passion, so whenever I take my camera, whether it is for a wedding or just on a lazy afternoon, it has to be spontaneous, it has to be a moment frozen in time, and it's always a challenge for me, no matter if it is a basic everyday situation or some huge event (not that I've photographed one :D ).