Our Holi celebration in Mathura, India

I've been traveling through India with my wife for the last 15 days and while we’re having a great time getting to know this amazing culture and Indian people, the one thing we were looking forward to do was to participate in Holi festival, a celebration that in recent years is getting so popular all over our planet.

Travelographs - my little Etsy shop!

Recently I opened up a little Etsy shop named Travelographs for everyone who's interested in my travel photography. There can be found several photos from my trips all over the world...

National Geographic award: the biggest award in my career so far and the STORY behind it

As it turned out later, Nikola’s picture that won National Geographic merit prize was big news in New Zealand. And we heard this from a man who contacted us a few days after the announcement...

I am National Geographic prize winner!

I still can't believe I'm writing this... I received an email from Dan Westergren, director of Photography of National Geographic Traveler saying that I won a merit prize in this year's National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest... There were 10 winners in over 15 000 photos that were entered.

Croatia as a wedding destination

For a while now, Croatia has been making its way up as a tourist destination, but also as a wedding destination. Those of you who have already visited it, know that the reasons for this are more than obvious. For the rest of you, who are thinking about visiting our country, primarily to get married here, here are numerous photos of beautiful wedding locations.