Jenna & Gareth: Malcesine Castle wedding in Italy

We arrived to Malcesine the evening before wedding and the weather was not the best ever. There was not much we could see or feel under that huge rain shower in the whole of Lago di Garda region of Italy. But morning after… there are not much words to do this little picturesque and absolutely beautiful place a justice. Houses, alleys, the lake, Malcesine Castle sitting right above all of it like in a fairytale… people chilling, amazing weather, relaxed atmosphere and mouthwatering food. I was in love.

Emma & George: colourful Fort George Vis wedding

A young and interesting couple actually met in Croatia few years ago, so now they made a decision of going back to Croatia for a perfect destination wedding! They flew with their friends and family from London all the way down to Split and took another 2,5-hour ferry ride from there to finally reach the magical town of Vis and have a really special wedding at Fort George Vis.

Shelley & Felix: Hvar destination wedding at Zori Restaurant

Shelley and Felix are two loveable people. They function even better as a couple. So it was a really good choice for them to go with Hvar as their wedding destination and place for some great fun during long sunny days. The whole day with them and their guests was nothing short of perfect.

Charlotte & Rob: the epic Botswana bushman wedding in Okavango Delta

We booked this destination wedding in Botswana with Charlotte and Rob just few weeks before Botswana was announced as the number 1 country to visit in 2016 by world renown and our personal favourite travel guide Lonely Planet in their traditional annual "Best in Travel", list of best countries, cities and regions to visit every year. And that was only a beginning of the real excitement and everything that followed...

Charlotte & Robert: fun and romantic wedding in Croydon

Charlotte is from London area, Croydon to be precise. Grew up there, has family and friends there. Rob was born in Tanzania, today lives in Botswana. They met in London and short after, Charlotte moved all the way to Botswana. It must be love? Well, it absolutely is, but it’s still just the beginning of the ultimate part...

Amber & Michael: amazing Dubrovnik wedding in Villa Ruza and The Pucic Palace

What is better than having a destination wedding in Dubrovnik, one of the most beautiful cities there is?! Having a two day celebration in Dubrovnik and its surroundings! Amber and Michael did just that with their friends and family and had the greatest time. See their whole story here.

Suparna & Vinay: three-day celebration of South Indian wedding in Pune

I’ve never met a wedding photographer from Europe or the US who wasn’t dreaming about shooting a real traditional Hindu wedding one day. The huge bonus on top of that wish is to shoot a traditional Hindu wedding in India. Just like all those photographers, for as long as I’ve been a wedding photographer, I’ve had a dream of shooting such a wedding. So getting an enquiry from Suparna one day in the fall of 2014, was one of the most amazing things that happened to us that same fall...

Our year 2015 in wedding photography [+PHOTOS]

Let me start with: it’s been such a crazy year. And mostly in a good way which makes me really thankful. We travelled to several countries, we experienced some amazing things and we worked A LOT. Majority of the time was probably spent working, either on all of beautiful weddings or in front of the computer screens. But we got so much in return and I think that year in front of us will be year to enjoy in that.