I can't live without my wedding ring!

Published: 30.01.2015.

I got married six months ago and while I was unbelievably happy for marrying love of my life, at the same time I wasn’t so much into wearing a wedding ring. I’ve never worn any kind of jewellery at all so it was sort of painful to imagine having a ring on my finger. Luckily, my wife’s not into jewellery either and we’re both so not into shiny sparkling things in general, still we wanted to have some wedding rings, so she had a mission of finding alternative ones.

We ended up buying some pretty unusual wedding bands made out of tungsten carbide. While 'googleing' this kind of material, we learnt that it’s the second strongest substance, right below diamond’s, so it can’t be broken, bent or even scratched. Despite that, it was still possible to make laser engraving the first time when ordering, so we ordered it and it looks amazing. Our ones are made black and with mat finish so they are anything but shiny and sparkling! Also, they turned out to be so comfortable to wear thanks to the shape of the inner side, although they are a bit heavier than the usual golden or silver rings but it's easy to get used to it.

The thing that surprised us the most is people reacting on them. It’s so much fun cause everybody asks us about them and the interesting part is that after learning about all of it from us, people realise they don’t have to wear those usual wedding bands everybody’s wearing and that there’s actually some choice if you’re not into silver and gold and still want some wedding rings. The greatest part is that these are fairly cheaper as well, at least 50% cheaper than golden ones.

So now, after finding these rings, I’m so happy we went our way not caring about what we’re supposed to do… I’m not taking this thing off at all and it also reminds me how good my wife and I are together!

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