A conference to remember (or how to become FEARLESS photographer)

Published: 21.07.2013.

It’s 10AM, I’m sitting at the airport, waiting for the flight home and back to reality. Images from the past three days and sleepless last night are passing through my mind. It’s not that I didn’t have the chance to sleep, I simply couldn’t because I constantly kept thinking about all the encounters, events and words that sparked a kind of a new and intense motivation inside of me.

I spent the last 4 days in Amsterdam, at the first ever Fearless Conference, organized by Fearless Photographers. After the first day, which was free and planned for sightseeing, I realized that this wonderful city seemed made for the Fearless Photographers conference because it’s so special, advanced in every sense of the word and simply – FEARLESS! Streets, canals and the prettiest houses I’ve ever seen lie there in complete harmony, and the city’s main feature, bikes, only complete the already unique image of this place.

After being inspired by the city and after I’d taken many photos, it was time to get inspiration from my colleagues: the best wedding photographers in the world! The Lloyd Hotel hosted two day lectures that were held from morning till late afternoon. These two days were enough to make me feel at home and like I’ve known those people around me my whole life.
I have no better way of describing what this conference stirred in me. Because, to be in a company of so many people who, just like me, have the same doubts, same joys, same very intense lifestyle and same (the best!) job in the world, who face the same obstacles, and yet come from completely different corners of the Earth, was an incredible and unforgettable experience.
Amazing speakers that we had a chance to listen to also contributed to this experience, and they are all stars of wedding photography. These lecturers gave us another pleasant surprise. None of them, not at a single moment, spoke about themselves or their work, let alone say that their work was perfect, the best you could get in wedding photography or say how we could get there. No. They all shared their beginnings, their numerous attempts and failures, many of which happen even today. And what they wanted to tell us was that all comes down to constant WORK, perseverance, will, love and inspiration and that we carry within ourselves something great, which only has to be taken out and accomplished; that we have to be patient, persistent, fearless and - work, work, work… To get that kind of a message from photographers such as Daniel Aguilar, Dave & Quin Cheung, Franck Boutonnet, Anna Kuperberg, Citlalli Rico, Ben & Erin Chrisman, Sergio and Huy Nguyen (organizer and founder of Fearless Photographers) really has a special significance. To me it brought to mind that all of us humans are made of flesh and blood and that absolutely everything depends on ourselves, not only in our work, but also in our entire life…

That’s why I’ll always do my best to make everything that I do interesting and not “boring, boring, boring…”, and that even the simplest photo of a small and passing moment becomes meaningful; I’ll try to think with my brain, to see with my eye and to feel with my heart, to share my knowledge with colleagues readily and without delay because good deeds return with greater goodness. I will try never to forget to see my clients primarily as humans, I’ll try to catch many rats all the time, I’ll try to give up my day job and focus only on what I really love and I’ll always remember that even little people become the greatest if they are humble, thankful and unselfish!

Now there’s nothing else left for me to do but to work persistently at every wedding ahead of me, while I’m waiting for another encounter with all the great people I met in that Fearless Amsterdam. Dear colleagues, thank you for three incredible days, I’m looking forward to seeing you again, wherever, whenever.

^ I couldn't resist :)