How Fearless Conference can help you build a successful business

Fearless Conference came to Europe two years ago so it’s not that new. And right on time for that first conference which was held in Amsterdam, Nikola decided to go and visit, learn and find some inspiration. Later, seeing from his point of view, the conference succeeded in doing exactly that for him. So he visited the second year and the third year, this year, I came along to see, hear, feel the magic. And I was surprised by the things I’ve had learnt.

Our Holi celebration in Mathura, India

I've been traveling through India with my wife for the last 15 days and while we’re having a great time getting to know this amazing culture and Indian people, the one thing we were looking forward to do was to participate in Holi festival, a celebration that in recent years is getting so popular all over our planet.

Sarah & Dan: an intimate riad wedding in Marrakech

We were so lucky that our first international destination wedding experience took us to this not so everyday place. Another bit of a magic was the fact that a couple living in New Zealand who contacted us to shoot their beautiful intimate wedding, decided to book us after learning of our incredible story of an ultimate connection with New Zealand.

I can't live without my wedding ring!

I’ve never worn any kind of jewellery at all so it was sort of painful to imagine having a ring on my finger. Luckily, my wife’s not into jewellery either and we’re both so not into shiny sparkling things in general, still we wanted to have some wedding rings, so she had a mission of finding alternative ones.

New award in ISPWP Fall 2014 contest!

I'm so happy to win another award from awesome International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers (ISPWP) in their Fall 2014 contest!

Sarah & Tom: the most casual wedding of Bol

After Sarah and Tom's wedding in August, there could've hardly been a more casual wedding in Bol, maybe on all of the Island of Brač. I didn't get to chance to meet them before their wedding day because they arrived to Croatia from UK straight to their wedding...

How we met: Marina & Ante

Doing this job, I often have the opportunity to be a part of my friends' wedding, not as a guest, but as their photographer. Marina and Ante were one of those couples who had to make a difficult decision – should they invite me as a part of the wedding party to relax and enjoy myself, or do they want me there as their wedding photographer because they love my photos...

USB flash drives as special as each wedding!

The olive wood has amazing, incredible patterns so each USB flash drive is different just like the weddings I work on – each has a story, a history and two people who love each other...

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