Amber & Michael: amazing Dubrovnik wedding in Villa Ruza and The Pucic Palace

What is better than having a destination wedding in Dubrovnik, one of the most beautiful cities there is?! Having a two day celebration in Dubrovnik and its surroundings! Amber and Michael did just that with their friends and family and had the greatest time. See their whole story here.

Suparna & Vinay: three-day celebration of South Indian wedding in Pune

I’ve never met a wedding photographer from Europe or the US who wasn’t dreaming about shooting a real traditional Hindu wedding one day. The huge bonus on top of that wish is to shoot a traditional Hindu wedding in India. Just like all those photographers, for as long as I’ve been a wedding photographer, I’ve had a dream of shooting such a wedding. So getting an enquiry from Suparna one day in the fall of 2014, was one of the most amazing things that happened to us that same fall...

My new wedding photography award, few earlier awards & one significant new award!

Last season has been an adventurous and a great one. I skipped on blogging about some earlier awards, getting myself info working on weddings for as much as I could. But today we received some new awards.

Our year 2015 in wedding photography [+PHOTOS]

Let me start with: it’s been such a crazy year. And mostly in a good way which makes me really thankful. We travelled to several countries, we experienced some amazing things and we worked A LOT. Majority of the time was probably spent working, either on all of beautiful weddings or in front of the computer screens. But we got so much in return and I think that year in front of us will be year to enjoy in that.

Otilia & Bastien: rustic wedding in Chavanay (Rhone-Alpes Region), France

Seeing new places, meeting new people, having new experiences… those are the things I could never get enough of. And this amazing wedding in France was a combination of first times in everything. First time we visited Lyon, first time we shot Romanian-French couple combination and met their cultures and our first time ever to shoot a third wedding of a same couple. Yes, third.

Candy & Stanley: summer engagement session in Split

Those few days while Candy and Stanley were visiting Split, have been so “cheerful” because of the weather that we had to change a few timeframes before finding the right one. But the two of them couldn’t be bothered at all and that was the crucial element which made the whole day very fun and beautiful.

Belinda & Luke: casual and unpredictable wedding in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is probably one of the most beautiful places in the world to get married at. So many couples tying the knot every year on their destination weddings prove that. On the other hand, Melbourne in Australia is one of the greatest cities in the world to live in. Its cultural and ethnical mix plus amazing spirit makes it so attractive and special. So what do you get when you have a fantastic couple living in Melbourne and coming to get married in Dubrovnik? Only the most amazing, fun and unpredictable wedding you can imagine…

Emma & Ben: destination wedding in Menorca (Balearic Islands), Spain

Every time I receive an enquiry for some new wedding destination, I feel excited, inspired and very interested in learning and seeing more. It’s only a great bonus when such an enquiry comes from kind people like Emma and Ben. The location of their wedding was the island of Menorca, very peaceful island compared to its sister islands of Mallorca and Ibiza (all three are part of Balearic Islands in Spain), with some fantastic natural beauties.

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