Travelographs - my little Etsy shop!

Recently I opened up a little Etsy shop named Travelographs for everyone who's interested in my travel photography. There can be found several photos from my trips all over the world...

3 awards in ISPWP Winter 2013 contest!

I woke up this morning to a wonderful news... I participated in the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers (ISPWP) quarterly contest for the first time after joining this prestigious society, and I won 3 awards!

Wedding on Hvar, the island of holiday and romance

If after a single holiday Silje and Kyrill loved Hvar so much that they decided to have their wedding there, I can only imagine how much they love it now that they have memories of such an amazing day...

My third Fearless Award!

Now, only 6 months after I became a member, I can't believe I got 3 awards in such a great competition... There's thousands and thousands of entries in every collection and only 3-5% of all of the entries win an award.

This is why we travel!

As it turned out later, Nikola’s picture that won National Geographic merit prize was big news in New Zealand. And we heard this from a man who contacted us a few days after the announcement...

In love with people's emotions

Emotions are what I do best and what I capture the most often on weddings. Emotions are something that keeps photos alive and gives them a storytelling feel. I believe that, after many weddings, photographers can become a sort of psychologists who are able to sense the moment that is yet to happen. That's something that can really help produce great shots!

Maja & Bruno: 80 pictures for at least 80 000 words

Maja and Bruno are a couple of very special and peculiar people. Their wedding pictures are not globally intriguing or never before seen, but they could tell a lot about their characters and viewpoints of life to the people who do not know them.

Five countries, two people and one wedding in Croatia

Do you believe in destiny? The one that belongs in a classic film: simple, romantic and almighty? Perhaps Katharine and Erik didn't believe, but they surley do now!